Thursday, November 6, 2008

The world according to Barclaycard

A letter in the Guardian pointed me to a competition being run by Barclaycard (a UK credit card company) to win an Aston Martin car, coinciding with the release of the newest James Bond film.

The terms and conditions take the term "geographically challenged" to new heights.

The United Kingdom, for the record, is the island of Great Britain with its islands, and Northern Ireland. If Barclaycard had wished to exclude Northern Ireland they could have used the term "Great Britain". "ROI" (Republic of Ireland) has been an independent nation for getting on for a century, and The Channel Islands are not now, and never have been, part of the United Kingdom.

One wonders, though, what the inhabitants of the Isle of Wight have done to upset Barclaycard!

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kbear said...

Surely they must have meant to say the Isle of Man - it is the only other part of the UK that has different financial activity - unless of course they are trying to keep the occupants of Parkhurst from getting behind the wheel of a fast car (something that may have caused them issue in the past)