Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Informatica - a step forward in web form quality

Yet another e-mail (from Informatica Netherlands this time) with news of a new white paper. Wearily (why wearily? check this blog entry to find out), I click to check the web form ...

Hey! Hang on a minute. Informatica have actually had the nous (British slang approximately meaning common sense, intelligence ...) to have pre-filled the form with my data (which they indeed already have in their system). And what's this? No state field? And yes, there's Montenegro in the country list, back in all its glory.

Could this be a result in my crusade for better Internet data collection? I gingerly change the country to Canada and yes! The province field appears! Not in a sensible place, unfortunately (if you're going to change fields, don't change them where the customer has already been in the form - the country should be asked beforehand).

But what can I say? RESULT!!

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Karen Lopez - said...

Yes, Canadians hate when the drop down for State appears kilometers before the drop down for country.

Also hate when the field has been politely relabeled "State/Province", but the drop down still contains only US States.

My "forced fake data" is usually OR for Ontario and 90210 for ZIPCode.

Keep up the good work here!